The science of
video marketing

From one stop online video ad delivery to result-based analysis,
we support successful online video marketing.


Effective analysis of video ads

Video ad delivery data can be managed in one admin screen. Reduce the maintenance of managing data on multiple screens, and analyze daily data on one screen.

Unified TV commercial analysis

Analyze TV commercials and videos in one admin screen at once. Analyze the effects of advertising on TV and the combination of various indexes.

Popular video statistics

We provide ways to visualize statistical information of your most popular videos. Plan your video ad promotion using the statistics and trends of your most popular videos.coming soon...

Net commentary analysis

Visualize the word-of-mouth data on social media after video ad distribution. Analyze reactions from your audience and measure their reactions to your video for future improvements.coming soon...


We offer our clients and advertising agencies various analytic services.
Based on the needs of the company, we can flexibly customize the service with additional tools if necessary.